8 Best Snacks for Summer ...

Summer is the time of year whenhaving funand keeping cool are the main goals. Snack time can even be fun, no matter what your age is. Iโ€™ve listed the 8 best snacks for summer that both my kids and I enjoy. I try to avoid firing up the oven during the day, especially for snack time. None of the snacks described below require an extensive amount of cooking.

8. Gelatin Squares with Whipped Cream

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Photo Credit: Pillsbury.com

Youโ€™ll need to boil water for this awesome snack, but thatโ€™s the only heat involved. I usually heat the water in the microwave, so I donโ€™t heat up the house with the stove top. If Iโ€™m feeling creative, Iโ€™ll make two kinds of gelatin that are each a different color and mix the squares in the same bowl. The whipped cream can be mixed with the squares or plopped on top of the heap.

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