8 Best Face Cleansers to Try ...

8. Liquid Facial Soap Extra Mild by Clinique

Price: $15.00 at sephora.com
I got so sick of trying cleansing products that did not live up to their expectations, do you know what I mean? When I use soap on my face, I want to use soap that really works. I don’t like to waste my time only to find that it is not cleaning my face. Do you know why I tried this product? Because my friends told me about it and how good it worked. When I first tried this product, my skin didn’t feel so bogged down, like it usually feels with other face cleaners. This is not a mild formula, it is an extra mild. It is perfect for even those with sensitive skin, like mine. The oil content in this product will help to get the makeup off of your face, including that mascara. When you are using this, you will need a washcloth to get the makeup off.

7. Foaming Facial Cleanser, Sensitive Skin by Clean and Clear

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Price:$26.65 at amazon.com
There are so many face cleansing products out there that lay all of the good stuff to you, but then when you get their product, you get all the bad stuff. I would like to tell you that this is not so with this facial cleanser. When I used this facial cleanser for the first time, it got rid of all the oil, dirt and make up, which means no more breakouts. This is one product that you just have to try in order to see how great it is. It is good for all skin types, however, I do not recommend it for your face if it is very dry. If you want a cleanser that easily removes makeup, then say hello to this one.

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