6. Comforting Cream Cleanser by Clinique

Price: $18.50 sephora.com
When you go home during the day from a long, hard day of work, what do you do? I personally like to take my make up off. I have tried so many different cleansers. I can’t even think of how much money I spent on cleansers (and I don’t want to) only to find that none of them worked. If you have delicate skin, then this is the formula that I recommend. This is a lotion cleanser, however, you will need a washcloth when you use it. This facial cleanser will not irritate your skin one bit. I have sensitive skin and it didn’t even change the color of it, not even just a little bit. There are no fragrances in it. Clinique states that it is so easy to remove that you can get it off with a tissue. However, I do not recommend you using a tissue on your face. You should get a special, soft wash cloth for your face.