8 Basic Recipes That Make Use of Tomatoes ...

The tomato is considered a heart-friendly fruit. It is rich in lycopene which helps protect the heart from disease and reduces your risks for certain cancers. Aside from this antioxidant, the tomato is also packed with vitamin A, C, and K; it also contains amounts of vitamin B, fiber, and other minerals. The tomato is also a very versatile ingredient. It is used in many dishes around the world. I have compiled 8 basic recipes that make use of the tomato as a primary or complementary ingredient.

1. Sandwich

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The subtle but distinct taste of the tomato makes it easy to incorporate in most sandwiches. Reinvent the traditional BLT and try the BLAT (Bacon – Lettuce – Avocado – Tomato) or TLT (Tofu – Lettuce – Tomato). A simple tomato sandwich with cheese will make you crave pasta; add some mayonnaise to make it an extra tasty treat. Tomatoes are simple and cheap ways to make your sandwiches healthier and tastier.

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