8 Awesome Celebrity Comebacks ...

Don't you hate it when an actor or actress you really love either disappears off the face of the earth or goes through something personally that seems to kill their career? And don't you love it when they manage that rare and special Hollywood feat: the full fledged comeback! Here are 8 awesome celebrity comebacks, some of which are quite unbelievable!

1. Robert Downey, Jr

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This is one of my favorite comeback stories. I have loved Robert Downey since his days as a member of a the Brat Pack. Less than Zero, Chances Are, Chaplin: I still watch his early movies over and over. I went back to watching Ally McBeal when he appeared on the scene and felt heartbroken for him when he once again lost the job to rehab. I didn't have a bit of snark to give over all his falls off the wagon, I just wanted to see him get a handle on his problems because he really is such an amazing actor – and lo and behold! He came back with a vengeance and pretty much immortalized himself as Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes.

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