8 Amazing Diane Kruger Red Carpet Looks ...

Diane Kruger is a goddess, an angel sent from heaven, a vision that never fails to look fabulous no matter what she's wearing. With her lovely smile, sun-kissed hair, envy-inducing legs, and dashing boyfriend standing casually by her side, this German born actress surely knows how to WOW us with her red carpet looks. Many people have called Diane the Queen of the Red Carpet. The following looks will help prove why I agree that she is.

1. 2009 MET Costume Institute Gala

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Diane looks delicious in this short Chanel dress. Doesn't she look like a slice of cake topped with the most delicate and sweetest icing? She is showing off her legs, as per usual. I don't mind seeing her in short dress, though, because she has got the legs for them.

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