8 Advantages of Choosing Work over Study ...


8 Advantages of Choosing Work over Study ...

With certain careers, it’s essential to undertake a course of study first. You wouldn’t want a doctor who knew nothing about the human body! However, there are good reasons why you can be better off not studying at university and going into work instead. Here are some of them.

1 Avoiding Debt

Avoiding Debt Photo Credit: bitzcelt

Being a student is very, very expensive, and paying off loans will take you years.When you total up the amount you pay in interest, is it really worth it?

2 Vocational Pays

Vocational Pays Photo Credit: deadcraft

There will always be a demand for plumbers etc, so choosing practical training over academic study can lead to a more lucrative career. Such professions may still be regarded as predominantly male, but technically there is no reason why women can’t enter them.

3 Too Many Degrees

Too Many Degrees Photo Credit: Alan Hudson Photography

In the UK, the last government set a target of getting 50% of school leavers into university. As a result, degrees have been effectively devalued as so many people have them. This leads to employers asking for degrees when previously the same job needed much lower qualifications, just because they can.

4 Not Suited

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Not everyone is academically minded. For some people, studying is just not something they enjoy, and they may have other useful talents and skills.

5 Climb the Ladder

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Sometimes starting at the bottom and working your way up can get you further than a degree. By the time your peers have graduated (in debt), you could be in a much higher position than they will be able to start with.

6 Learn While You Work

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Working full-time doesn’t mean an end to your chances of studying. It may take longer, but you can study at night school or follow a distance learning course. Your employer may even sponsor you to take relevant courses.

7 What Degree?

What Degree? Photo Credit: Little Miss Sunshine.

There are numerous examples of entrepeneurs who do not have a university education, or even dropped out of school without gaining any qualifications. While we can’t all make millions, it is entirely possible to build a successful small business without having studied.

8 There’s Always Later …

There’s Always Later … Photo Credit: lanuiop

The popular view is that you have to study when you are young. However, this is often the worst time. It may be better to establish yourself financially by working, and consider beginning to study at a later stage, when you can afford to fund yourself.

I’m all in favour of education, but recognise that formal study is not for everyone. With the days long gone when a degree was a sure route to a well-paid job, the costs of studying mean that it has to be considered carefully whether it’s worth it. What do you think – is studying essential, or have you done fine without it? Would you want your children to be in debt for their education?

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