79th Academy Award Winners ...

I had a hard time deciphering the winners and losers from the 79th Academy Awards. It seemed my TV was broadcasting most of the show in different foreign languages. How come if you are foreign and win an award you can talk for however you want without getting cut off? Is it just another example of over-the-top political correctness.

Good think politics are not involved…..like Melissa Etheridge’s music for An Inconvenient Truth beating the music from **Dreamgirls **for Best Music (Song). I mean come on, the music from a documentary beating the music of a Broadway musical that everyone has hailed as brilliant?

Here are the Oscar winners of some of the biggest awards of the night.

Best Actress in a Leading Role- Helen Mirren, The Queen

Best Actor in a Supporting Role- Alan Arkin, Little Miss Sunshine

Best Actress in a Supporting Role- Jennifer Hudson, Dreamgirls

Best Music (Song)- Melissa Etheridge, An Inconvenient Truth

Animated Feature- Happy Feet

Writing (Original Screenplay)- Little Miss Sunshine

Documentary Feature- An Inconvenient Truth