7 Yummy Christmas Treats ...

I don’t always know what to get someone for Christmas, so most of the time I’ll pass out cookies, candies, or a combination of both. I have yet to hand them to someone and see them frown at the array of treats before them. Here are just 7 yummy Christmas treats that I often give away during the holidays. Most of these I only make during the holidays, so the family really looks forward to this time of year for a chance to have their favorite goodies baked for them to eat.

7. Peanut Brittle

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You’ll need a candy thermometer for this treat and raw peanuts, not roasted. Raw peanuts are usually easy to find during Christmas time, since peanut brittle is a common treat to make for the holidays. I know my dad can’t seem to get his fill of the stuff. This candy is easy to make and takes patience. You’ll need to keep an eye on the sugar mixture so it doesn’t burn and then there is the wait involved for the brittle to get hard enough to break into pieces.

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