7 Wrinkle Areas, and How to Treat Them ...

No-one wants to show the signs of aging on their face, no matter how comfortable they are with their age, myself included. It’s taken me years to develop my anti-aging routine, designed to keep wrinkles at bay on various parts of my face. One product can’t take care of every area, so if you’re a little confused, I can help! Here are 7 problem wrinkles areas, and how to treat them, and with which products…

1. Forehead: Philosophy Help Me

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Price: $18.00 to $45.00 at philosophy.com
For years, we’ve known about the wrinkle-busting properties of Retinol, and this is the product that made me a believer. Apply a tiny pea-sized dollop after your night-time wash, just before bed, either alone or with a few drops of “When Hope is Not Enough” for smoother, more supple skin. I noticed fewer wrinkles on my forehead, and smoother skin, after just two weeks!

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