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These days marriage has become an elaborate process which begins from when a guy decides to propose to a girl and ends with the happy couple driving away into the sunset. Before you say yes, consider the way your lover makes his proposal. If it falls into one of the worst ways to propose listed below, make a hasty exit and run for your life!

1. He Proposes after Scanning His Credit Card Statement

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If your boyfriend asks you to marry him while scanning his credit card statement, chances are heโ€™s just figured out how much cheaper his life would be if you two got hitched. Definitely one of the worst ways to propose but useful as a warning signal in case you thought he was the man of your dreams.

2. He Proposes after a Chat with His Mother

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A boyfriend that decides to propose to a girl just after chatting with his mother is probably acting on her instruction. Why you should scurry the heck out of there โ€“ if you say yes, youโ€™re going to be stuck with a mommaโ€™s boy and a bossy mother-in-law. Not the best combination for a happily ever after.

3. He Proposes on Valentinesโ€™ Day

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I know youโ€™re thinking how can popping the question on Valentinesโ€™ Day be one of the worst ways to propose. Itโ€™s only like the most romantic day in the world. WRONG! It means heโ€™s really cheap. He just got away with some serious savings on a discounted engagement ring so think twice about your spendthrift boyfriend.

4. He Proposes over an Email

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Email is convenient for sure but itโ€™s certainly not romantic. If a guy decides to propose to a girl on an email it means one of two things โ€“ heโ€™s really lazy or heโ€™s really busy. Either way itโ€™s a pretty insensitive thing to do and if he doesnโ€™t even have the patience to type out the words in full, then you really got to think things over.

5. He Proposes over a Big Mac

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I donโ€™t know how thoughtless a guyโ€™s got to be if he decides to propose to a girl at a fast food joint. Squeezing in a โ€˜will you marry meโ€™ while squeezing a packet of ketchup has got to be one of the most unromantic gestures ever. If you say yes, resign yourself to a lifetime of living with a food-obsessed couch potato.

6. He Proposes While Checking out Another Woman

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If he canโ€™t keep his eyes on you during this of all moments, then maybe he shouldnโ€™t be proposing and you certainly shouldnโ€™t be accepting. Not only is he disrespectful but he has a roving eye. Saying no is a no brainer!

7. He Proposes a Week after You Met

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Popping the question a few days after you met is definitely one of the worst ways to propose. I hate to be the cynic here but chances are heโ€™s in severe debt, in need of a green card or canโ€™t find a place to stay. Call it off and seek refuge with some girlfriends.

So there you have it, the 7 worst ways to propose. Ultimately, really secure women are not looking for grand gestures when a guy decides to propose to a girl. Rather we want a straightforward and genuine, right from the heart declaration. Then we know for sure that itโ€™s real.

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