7 Workout Gadgets You Can Splurge on ...

Technology and industrialization has revolutionized the way we live and perform daily activities. Exercise and fitness has not escaped being modernized by technology. Many gadgets and accessories have sprouted like mushrooms to accompany and enhance our fitness experience. Here are 7 workout gadgets you can splurge on.

1. Garmin Forerunner 405CX

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Price: $369.99 at buy.garmin.com

From one of the best GPS companies comes the Garmin 405CX. It offers a more accurate calorie computation by using changes in your heart rate to calculate the calories burned during physical, aerobic exercise. The 405CX has eliminated the map screen on the previous version. The use of buttons has been minimized because now you control the unit using the touch-sensitive bezels. The 405CX features a “Virtual Partner” to simulate your own race. Just program the pace of your virtual running buddy and you’re good to go. After your workout, you can transfer the data wirelessly to the computer with the ANT+ Sport technology.

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