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I have been wanting to write a post on funny words to say and today, I have decided to do that. Of course, everyone has a different sense of humour, so what I find funny right now, some of you may not. Instead of downing what I think is funny, I want you to give me a list of things that you think are funny. So, let me get started on 7 words that are funny to say.

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For some odd reason, don’t ask me why, I find it funny to say β€œaspen.” I know, it’s a tree and all, but say it out loud and you will see what I am talking about. My husband and I saw this word on the back of a car in a traffic jam and couldn’t help but to laugh about it. Then, I said to him β€œthat just inspired a blog that I am going to write.”

6. Befuddle

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Oh yes, this one is definitely a funny word to say. The last part of the word β€œfuddle” is funny within itself. Befuddle means to confuse.

5. Boondoggle

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Boondoggle just makes me giggle every time I hear it, which is not that often. So, I say it to myself for that giggle. Boondoggle is a wasteful activity or a braided leather corn that is worn as decoration by Boy Scouts.

4. Exculpate

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This is another one of those funny words. Exculpate means to clear of blame or guilt. Perhaps if this is not already in your vocabulary, you should add it there. Note: It is not funny, unless you were to say it out loud to yourself a couple of times, then it is funny and will make you giggle.

3. Fuddy Duddy

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I actually use this word a lot, because I think it is fun to say. Fuddy duddy is a person that is old fashioned, critical or fussy. Perhaps you have some fuddy duddy’s in your life? I could name a few of them right now, but I am going to be nice.

2. Geebung

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Just looking at this word makes me giggle, let alone saying it out loud. Geebung consists of various shrubs and trees from the genus Persoonia (another funny word) of Australia. They produce a fruit that is edible, but it really does not have any taste to it.

1. Lollygag

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Oh yes, I know some people that lollygag around more than they should. Lollygag means to waste time with aimless activity.

In my own opinion, those are 7 words that are funny to say. I have a list of these words printed out and placed in my work folder on my desk. Whenever I need something to giggle at (I have needed something to giggle at a lot this month, because things just keep piling up), I take this folder out. I believe looking at funny words and saying them out loud really helps things. I have created my own funny words as well, but I’m not going to share them with you right now. I might do that in a different post. So, what are some funny words that you laugh at?

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