7 Wonderful Movie OSTs ...

A good OST will evoke scenes from a movie. A good OST will make you imagine what it feels like to go through what the film's characters went through. A good OST will make you want to have an OST for your own life, too. Here are collections from films that I consider fantastic. Take note: most of these movies are rom-coms and are quite old. Because yes, I am a sap. And old.

1. I Am Sam

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What could be better than songs by the Beatles sang by modern-day artists? Some of you may want to shoot me for saying this but I actually prefer this over the original Beatles versions. I can imagine some of you giving me the eye of death through your computer or laptop monitors right about now. But seriously, you have to give this album a listen. My favorite is "Blackbird" by Sarah McLachlan. She has such a hauntingly beautiful voice.

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