7 Ways to Wear Ruffles This Fall ...

When this year's Spring fashion season started, I was tickled to see so many ruffles on the runway and in all of my favorite shops. They're such a lovely way to add a feminine touch to a boyfriend blazer, the military style, or even just layered with an already girlie-girl outfit. I waited anxiously to see if ruffles would stay for another season, and they have! If you're ready to indulge in some decadent, pretty ruffles, this would be a marvelous place to start. Here are 7 ways to wear ruffles this fall...

1. Sweet Peach Ruffle Top

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Price: $ at shopruche.com
This is the perfect piece for layering, a soft sleeveless top for wearing... hmm... under a vest, under a jacket, the possibilities are endless! The color will highlight your naturally gorgeous peaches-and-cream complexion, and the feminine ruffle detail at the neck will free you from having to decide which necklace to wear... but you'll still have to choose a ring to wear... perhaps that glittery cocktail ring from your sister?

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