7 Ways to Tie a Scarf or Pashmina ...

If you haven’t noticed (or live far South), we’re in the midst of the vengeance of winter – you know, the constant whiteouts, slippery sidewalks and freezing temperatures. Scarves in cold weather climates are essential. But depending on the cut and fabric of the handy accessory, a scarf can also be utilized in a variety of ways, depending on the way it is tied. And I’m sure I’ve mentioned here how obsessed I am with our local street selling Pashmina lady (so cheap!).

Keep some of these tips to tie a scarf or Pashmina handy for use as both a winter necessity and forward fashion item for future months.

1. Knotty

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Image source: scarves.net

The Knotty look is best achieved with short scarves or small-squared Pashminas. Fold lengthwise, wrap around the neck and knot in front. The larger the knot, the more the fashion statement! Best utilized in not-so-bone-chilling temperatures, this option pairs perfectly with deep V-neck tops.

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