7 Ways to Take Caution when Driving in the Rain ...

Driving in the rain always makes me a bit nervous. Some of my nervousness comes from the idea of hydroplaning across the road into oncoming traffic, but Iโ€™m also worried about other drivers not being as cautious as I am. 7 ways to take caution when driving in the rain are listed below. These are the techniques I use and maybe you will discover something new that you can use next time you are driving in the rain.

7. Stay off the Phone

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Photo Credit: Piper_H

I see people driving in the rain with one hand on the wheel and the other with a cell phone. I donโ€™t even answer my phone when itโ€™s raining out. I have such a fear of hydroplaning that I want both hands available to hang onto the wheel, just in case. Not only does your cell phone occupy one of your hands, but it tends to occupy your mind as well. Watching the road while you drive is important, even when it isnโ€™t raining. If youโ€™re talking on the phone, you might not see the giant puddle ahead on the road that can easily be avoided.

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