7 Ways to Take Advantage of Sunny Winter Days ...

When winter really sets in, the sun is a welcome change from all those grey skies and cold days. There's really nothing more invigorating that a cold, crisp winter day when the sun shines bright – and those days present tons of opportunities to do so many fun things! Here, in fact, are 7 ways to take advantage of sunny winter days.

1. Walk Your Pet

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Your pets can get cabin fever as well. I know that when it's really cold, my darling little dachshund hardly likes to go outside to the bathroom; he hates getting his feet cold! When the temperatures warm up a little and the sun is out, however, his very favorite thing to do is go on a walk so he can romp in the snow – and mark it up about a million times, so everyone else knows he's been there.

2. Make a Snow Angel

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It's always a good thing when you can see snow as a canvas rather than a never ending, monotonous blanket of whiteness. When the sun is out, twinkling off all those crystals, it's possible to see it that way – and to have fun. Revisit your youth, have fun with your kids, your partner, your friends, and go make a snow angel! Plus remember to take pictures!

3. Go Hiking

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Hiking in the winter time is a great experience, but especially when it's sunny. You don't have to go on an hours' long nature hike designed to kick your butt. A casual, fun hike where you just meander wherever you will is perfect. Not only do you get to experience the sunshine, but the snow sprinkled scenery is apt to be breathtaking.

4. Take Pictures

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If you've ever wanted to get into photography, or if you already are, winter time presents a wealth of opportunities. There are so many pretty sights, especially when it's sunny. The sun shining off the ice and the snow is absolutely breathtaking, and you can capture a lot of memories and gorgeous scenes.

5. Have a Party

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Why not celebrate the sunshine by having a party? You don't have to wait for a holiday, and it doesn't have to be anything big. A wonderful luncheon on a sunny day would be absolutely perfect. You can invite your family members and closest friend, and celebrate the – probably short lived – warmth!

6. Exercise outside

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Once it starts getting sunny, even if it isn't for the long haul, a great way to take advantage is to go outside and get some exercise! Go for a walk, a jog, take out your bike, go ice skating, skiing, or snowshoeing – there are tons of possibilities, just waiting for you to take advantage of them!

7. Visit the Park

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Finally, when the snow starts to thaw a little and the sun is shining brightly, take yourself out to the park! Whether it's just you, you and your partner, a group of friends, or your children, a trip to the park is a great way to celebrate the sunshine. Being out in the fresh air will feel like a huge rejuvenation.

It's important to take advantage of all the sunny days you can. They'll help you get through to the spring. What are your favorite ways to spend sunny winter days?

Top Photo Credit: KamillaNylund

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