7 Ways to Reward Yourself for under $10 ...

Think of all the amazing things you accomplish every day β€” the gym, the diet, the work, the deadlines, the kids, the house-keeping, the cooking, all while looking gorgeous and keeping a smile on your face! Don’t you think you ought to reward all that hard work and that great attitude with a little inexpensive gift for yourself? I have some ideas, too, by the way, all of which are sure to make you smile without breaking the bank! Here are 7 ways to reward yourself for under $10…

1. Owl Bank

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Price: $8.00 at urbanoutfitters.com
Are you trying to save your pennies but just can’t seem to do it? Maybe this clever, chubby little owl can help. Stash your spare change and be reward your financial prowess with a cool dΓ©cor piece, too. Choose from green, yellow, cream, or (my favorite) blue. Or maybe buy one of each for pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters!

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