7 Ways to Prevent Osteoporosis ...

Osteoporosis has been linked to genetics and lifestyle. While genetics can’t always be altered, changing your lifestyle to fight osteoporosis is a valid option. This condition causes bones to become more porous, which makes them easily compressed and more liable to break with very little effort. The 7 ways to prevent osteoporosis that are mentioned below cover quite a few aspects of health and wellness.

7. Limit the Amount of Protein You Eat

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The more protein you take in, the quicker you excrete calcium. Your body can only use so much protein. Extra protein is excreted, which takes along vitamins and minerals with it. Calcium is just one of the minerals drained from your body when protein is excreted. The type of protein that takes the most calcium with it is the kind that comes from animals. Eating lots of protein that is obtained from beans, grains, and other non-animal items is actually beneficial.

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