7 Ways to Prep Your Garden for Winter ...

Now that fall’s come in earnest, it’s time to get your garden ready for the ravages of winter. Doesn’t that sound daunting? It’s not, really, not if you have a checklist in hand to help you through it. So set aside a weekend, print this list, get on your gardening gloves, and get busy! Here are 7 ways to prep your garden for winter.

1. Pull Weeds

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Photo Credit: colors98

Ever notice how insanely weed-ridden your garden can be by the end of summer? You were able to keep ahead of them until the middle of August, but then it just got to be too much, and the weeds took over the spaces between your carefully rows of tomatoes and peas. No worries, sweetie! You can pull them now, and won’t it feel good?

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