7 Ways to Pinch Your Pennies ...

Let’s face it- with the economy these days, we are ALL looking for a way to save our dollars (or pennies!). This can be a pretty big challenge though, especially with insurance, house and car payments, phone bills, groceries, gas and social life activities. And don’t look now but here come the holidays! Here are 7 ways to pinch (and really stretch) your pennies that you may have never thought of before!

1. Cook at Home

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Probably kind of obvious, but still worth mentioning. Cut down on the amount of times you eat out per week. Including your lunch at work. Try brown bagging it and you may be surprised by how many pennies you save. When you cook, make some extra of whatever you’re making and pop it in the freezer. On those days when you are in a rush, save yourself $35 dollars feeding your family at McDonald’s and pop that frozen casserole in the oven with minutes to spare!

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