7 Ways to Make Recycling Easier ...

Everybody is doing more to recycle these days, and with good reason. Some people do it because they want to, while others also do it because they have to, since there are now laws and ordinances that make recycling mandatory. For instance, in my neighborhood you can get fined if recyclables are found in your garbage. It can definitely be a hassle, but you can make it more simple by incorporating some or all of these 7 ways to make recycling easier.

1. Separate Your Trash

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Keeping your trash separate from your recyclable items from the beginning can make this whole process lots easier. So, you should have a bin for everything, just to make it that much simpler. You can have a trashcan, a bin for bottles and cans, and a container for cardboard and paper products as well. That way, everything can go in its place right from the get go.

2. Find Something Nearby

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You can also look around so you can find the closest recycling center. No one's really keen on driving around with trash in their car for long periods of times. Plus, having to drive across town to a recycling center can be something of a hassle. Odds are, however, that there's something close by you can reach in just a few minutes.

3. Keep Your Bins Close

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In your house, you should find a place for your bins. Typically, the closer they are to the kitchen, the better. That way, you won't have to let things pile up in any of the rooms in your home. That happens in my house all the time, especially with soda cans and cardboard products from food packages and the like.

4. Donate

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If your recyclables get to be too much for you, then you can donate some of them. That sounds crazy, but returnable items like bottles and soda cans are actually great items to donate to a variety of places. The people there can really use the money. It may not be a lot to you or me, but if you donate them to a shelter, a soup kitchen, et cetera, they can equal out to a lot.

5. Reuse

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You don't have to recycle everything right away, however. If you can get more use out of something, you should definitely do so. For example, you can gather up a lot of your paper products, cut them up, turn them blank side up, and use them for scrap paper. You can write notes, reminders, phone messages, grocery lists, and things like that on them, then simply recycle them when you've gotten full use out of them.

6. Try Composting

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With food items, you can try composting. I know that some people think this is gross, but it really is helpful, especially if you like to garden. It saves you from wasting food – plus those leftovers won't be stinking up the kitchen anymore. Also, your dogs won't try to attack the trashcan every time your back is turned.

7. Make Some Money

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Hey, bribery always works. Remember that with soda cans, bottles, and things of that nature, you can get money if you recycle them yourself. Most grocery stores now have places where you can return bottles and cans, and you can redeem your money right in the register lines.

You don't have to spend a lot of time recycling. Once you learn the right habits, it takes no time at all. What do you do to recycle your items?

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