7 Ways to Incorporate 1950's Fashion into Your Look ...

Of all of the fashion eras, I have to say the 1950s is my personal favorite. I adore the dresses, with their flattering cuts and designs and their ladylike versatility. Iโ€™m always on the lookout for a pretty new dress, the flagship of fifties fashion, and Iโ€™ve found so many I love! If youโ€™re looking to add some fifties flair to your wardrobe, keep reading! Adding one or two of these dresses to your closet would accomplish that task nicely, ala June Cleaver, only sexier! Here are 7 ways to incorporate 1950s fashion to your look.

1. Destined for Stardom Dress

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Price: $107.99 at modcloth.com
You, my dear, are indeed destined for stardom, and you know exactly what youโ€™ll be wearing when you accept that award. It will be this lush red dress, seemingly designed to flatter every one of your curves, with a side sash, wrap design, vee neck, and calf-skimming length. Pair it with rhinestone chandelier earrings and a matching necklace and bracelet, and start writing your gracious acceptance speech now.

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