7 Ways to Improve Your Confidence ...

Self esteem is vitally important for a fulfilling life, but the modern world seems to chip away at it daily, and it's surprisingly easy to wake up with none. I’ve been there, and it takes a long time to build it back up from nothing...I’ve been looking into thetop confidence killers, and how exactly we can stop them becoming a problem. Here’s what I discovered...

1. Body Image

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Photo Credit: Rebecca George

People automatically look at the areas they dislike when they look in the mirror. This starts to create a negative pattern, and eventually you’ll be unable to look at yourself. Cancel it out by looking at the parts you do like, and telling yourself why you look good andlove yourself for that. Everybody changes as they get older, but these changes are good...you’ll always have your amazing features, and other people will be jealous!

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