7 Ways to Exercise with Your Kids ...

Summer’s almost here, which means no school, which in turn means no time for you to sneak off to the gym! What’s a girl who wants to work out to do? If you don’t want to do gym day care, your best option is to work out with your kids! Not sure how? Here are 7 ways to exercise with your kids.

1. Buy a DVD

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My favorite yoga DVD isn’t just for grown-ups, it’s for moms and kids. The moves are basic, the music is great, and my kids love it! If you prefer aerobics, or kick-boxing, there’s bound to be a DVD that’s geared toward moms and kids, if you look!

2. Take a Class

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In addition to mommy-and-me DVDs, there are also lots of classes at gyms and community centers that are combined, so you can exercise along with your kids. At my local community center, there are swimming classes, aerobics, and yoga.

3. Chase Them!

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To get a cardio workout, all you need is an elevated heart rate for 20 to 30 minutes… so go outside, count to ten, and start chasing your kids! When you’re done, try bouncing with them on the trampoline, which is also great exercise!

4. Dance with Them

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Put on your favorite dancing music and shake your booty along with the kids! They’ll love being silly and showing off their moves, and you’ll all be getting great exercise!

5. Get a Stroller or a Bike Cart

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If your kids are little, or toddler-aged, one great way to get exercise is to strap them into a jogging stroller and jog… or a regular stroller, and walk! If you prefer biking, you can buy a bike trailer for your little ones, and bike around!

6. Go for a Walk

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Make sure you’re all wearing comfortable shoes, and go for a walk! You can make it a nature walk, or a scavenger walk, where you all have lists of things to look for…

7. Go to the Park

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Most parks have monkey bars, swings, and other playground equipment to make sure you get a good workout! Make it a race, with an obstacle course, and see who can finish it the fastest, or who can do it twice without stopping.

See? It’s completely possible to get loads of exercise with your children! The key is to keep moving for twenty minutes to half an hour, and to make it fun! Make sure you all stay hydrated… and you won’t have to miss a workout this summer! Which of these is your favorite? Or do you have another way to get great exercise with your kids? Please share with me!

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