7 Ways to Celebrate Fall ...

Fall is on the way, and I’m excited! I love fall almost as much as I love summer. All the leaves, the hot cocoa, and the cozy sweaters! If you’re not looking forward to it, maybe you just need to think of all the fun things you can do in the fall… here’s my list of 7 ways to celebrate fall!

1. Go to the Cider Mill

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Cider mills and pumpkin patches are everywhere, and they’re so much fun! Pick your own apples and pumpkins, then take a hayride and drink hot cider and eat fresh, warm donuts. Be sure to bundle up if you’ll be going at dusk, and watch out for the bees!

2. Use Pumpkins for Something Other than Carving

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Use those pumpkins you picked for something more than just jack-o-lanterns. Make pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread and muffins, or pumpkin soup. Be sure to save the seeds to bake with a little salt as a treat for later… yum!

3. Get out Your Fall Clothes

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Pull out all of your fall clothes from storage, and revel in how great you look in those sweaters, jeans, boots, and cords. Sure, we all look great in our pretty summer dresses, but we also look good in sweaters and jeans, too!

4. Buy a Gorgeous New Sweater or Boots

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Treat yourself to a lush, soft cashmere sweater for cozy fire-side dates, and maybe one in a thick cable knit for raking leaves and wearing to the cider mill. Or a nice pair of suede boots... hmm...

5. Go See the Color

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Take a road trip or just a walk through your neighborhood to enjoy the fall colors, all the reds and gold and oranges.

6. Fall in Love

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Lots of people say spring is the perfect time to fall in love, but I think it’s actually autumn. Think about it — perfect snuggle weather is on the way!

7. Host a Bonfire

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Host one last bonfire while it’s still warm enough! Make sure you have all of the necessary roasting foods, and whip up a batch of hot mulled cider to share!

Those are my favorite ways to celebrate fall, but I’m sure there are so many more… maybe you prefer raking leaves into a big pile, then jumping in them? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: alexey05

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