7 Ways to Celebrate a Life ...

It’s unbearably heart-breaking to lose someone you love, and no matter how many insensitive but well-meaning friends tell you that you’ll feel better over time, that’s not what you want to hear. But they’re right, and after a little time, you might want to remember the one you lost in a special way, because they were so special to you. But how? How do you sum up a loved one’s life in a meaningful, joyous way? I’ve done a little research, and here are some ideas of ways to celebrate a life.

1. Plant a Tree

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My sister has an orchard of fruit trees, and along the back of the apple and pear trees, she has a small line of oaks, one for each person in her and her husband’s family they’ve lost. One for his grandmother Marie, one for our great-grandmother Eileen. Seeing the growth of a living, vibrant tree helps us all celebrate our lost loved ones. Maybe that’s what I love and appreciate receiving living plants rather than just cut flowers at funerals.

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