7 Ways to Be a Friendly Teenager ...

Being a teen myself, I’ve often noticed that many teenage girls these days have difficulty making friends or presenting themselves in a friendly manner. Most of this more often than not has to do with jealousy and insecurity issues. While it can be scary going through so many changes at once, it’s important to keep a friendly attitude and a happy spirit. The person you are as a teen is shaping the person you will be as an adult! So here are 7 tips that I hope will help you be a friendly teen and friendly adult in the future!

1. Ignore Gossip

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Photo Credit: Olena Mykhaylova

Gossip is probably a teenage girl's worst enemy. I’ve spent countless nights crying over the cruel things that have been said about me. But here’s the truth: It doesn’t really matter what somebody says about you, even if it’s true. It does hurt, but if you keep a good attitude and a friendly spirit, you won’t be the one who has a bitter, cold heart someday. And “the gossipy girls” probably will.

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