7 Ways to Add Ikat to Your Wardrobe ...

For months, I’ve loved the vibrant colors and lush textures of the ikat pattern, and have found so many ways to add it to my décor, but what about my wardrobe? I told everyone who would listen how marvelous it would be to be able to find a dress or jacket or something I could wear with that same intricate ikat pattern. Then, this week, I’ve found some gorgeous ikat pieces I can wear… yes! Here are 7 ways to add ikat to your wardrobe… finally!

1. Ikat Breeze Tee

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Price: $39.95 at anthropologie.com
Though most ikat patterns include an array of colors, this ultra-soft Lyocell tee is a creamy white with an intricate rusty orange overlay, perfect for wearing with an a-line skirt or with a pair of cargo capris in khaki. I love the tiny chest pocket, the gently twisted neckline, and the longer-than-average length.

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