7 Unforgettable Looks You Must Try Now ...

There are some looks that you just can’t resist. They look great, or are just so fun, that everybody has to try them...after all, you’d be seriously missing out if you didn’t. This year there have been quite a few amazing looks, but after studying the celebs for a while, I’ve discovered the 7 most unforgettable looks that you must try now...

1. Feathers

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Bjork’s swan dress certainly got her in the news, and in many best and worst dressed lists. What a look...it’s so bad, everyone loves it! Feathers have a unique mix of sexiness and elegance which is rarely utilized, but it fits this year perfectly, and it can make you look instantly chic...instead of a dress made of feathers, though, try an accessory with a feather, such as a cute necklace, or putting a fake feather in your hair.

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