7 Toys We Never Outgrow ...

I’m so glad I have children, not just because they’re so wonderful and being parent is so rewarding, but also because they’re the perfect excuse for buying toys that I love! Granted, I could just buy them myself, but… I’m glad I have my littlest one with me when I’m buying bubbles. Here’s a list of 7 toys we never outgrow, perfect for buying when you have a kid with you!

1. Trampoline

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Remember when you were a little kid, bouncing on a trampoline with your friends? It was so much fun, just like flying, and you would have little contests to see who could bounce higher, or do the coolest flip. You know what? It’s just as much fun to bounce on a trampoline as an adult, too… only it’s a little scary, now that you know you really could break your leg.

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