7 Tips to Know if Your Daughter is Ready to Date ...

Sure, letting your daughter grow up is hard to do. I pushed this thought away as long as possible. Then one day, a scrawny looking boy knocked at our door and wanted to know if he could see my daughter. “Sure,” I said. “Need to borrow my glasses to see her better?” I asked, trying not to laugh. So, how do you know if your daughter is ready to “see” this guy? Should you go only by age? Well, here is the best advice I could find on this subject while searching for the answers.

1. Age Limits

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Most certainly, 13 is too young, even for double dating. Boys have a way of manipulating young girls and talking them into things. Don’t trust an inexperienced and vulnerable girl with a wolf! Let the boy come over for pizza and a movie, under your supervision only.

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