7 Tips to Help You Stop Snoring ...

Are you tired of waking up in the middle of the night, because of loud snoring? Well, for those that have this problem I want to give you some advice to prevent or stop snoring. For those that suffer for nights of restless sleep from partners that snore, I feel sorry for you and want to give you 7 Tips to help you stop Snoring...

7. Sleep on Your Side

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You will have better flow of air that goes in your lungs and out the body if you lay on your side to sleep. You can also put a pillow between your legs to help keep the spine straight rather than crooked. This will help your back and keep airflow flowing correctly.

6. Snore Strips

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The snore strips work as a good way to get them to breathe better through the nose and through their nose comfortably. You should consider getting the right size for your nose, because when they don’t fit right they fall off during the night and your partner will let you know.

5. Snore Medicines

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Over the counter snore medicines that you inhale or spray on the back of your throat can help snoring be reduced or stop altogether. The spray makes sure the back of the throat work correctly and give you snore relief. These products can cost over 7 to 13 dollars.

4. Avoid Milk

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Any dairy products can increase the chances of snoring, because it causes flam in the throat. You will find that drinking water before bed can help keep the throat clear of all problems.

3. Vapor Rub

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I often used this for my husband and found it to be effective. It helps the intake of air and outtake as well. In stores you can buy the breath strips that have vapor rub in them already and it helps breathing to be easier during the night.

2. Surgery

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If you want to stop snoring altogether, you need to consider going to the doctor and get surgery. This surgery helps keep the tongue from rolling back into the throat that causes snoring during the night. There are different types of snoring surgeries that you can ask your doctor about, but they have more major surgery involved.

1. Control Your Tongue

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Your tongue is the reason why you snore at night and teaching yourself to keep your tongue down instead of rolling back will help you with not snoring at night. Practice on keeping your tongue in one position all night. They also have a tongue suppressor that helps hold your tongue in place.

Snoring is a major problem for most couples. Some men snore and often women do in a relationship. It’s hard to get some sleep when your partner snores. You can invest in some head phones or ear plugs if none of these solutions work. Does your husband or wife snore?

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