7 Tips on Training Your Dog ...

Having a well-behaved dog not only makes your life easier, but it also makes for a calmer dog as well. When dogs know what is expected of them or at least have someone to look to for direction, they are often less neurotic, stressed out, or hyper. The following 7 tips on training your dog are ones that I have personally used or gathered from friends who raise dogs. I hope you can find some of them helpful with your new pup or newly acquired adult dog.

7. Use Positive Reinforcement

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Photo Credit: Fen Branklin

I cringe every time I hear a person yell at a dog. Sure, most dogs respond to yelling, but I’m sure if they could talk they would say it doesn’t make them happy. I try to treat my dog as a member of the family. I don’t yell at my kids or husband, so I’m certainly not going to yell at the dog! Using kind words, gentle pats on the head or back, and letting my dog know that she did something good reinforces positive behavior. This lessens any negative behavior, since she is always trying to seek my approval for the good things.

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