7 Tips on Teaching Your Dog to Walk on a Leash 🐕 🐩 ...

I remember how hard it was to teach my first big dog that walking on a leash was beneficial for both of us. I didn’t have to worry about him dodging out in front of a car and he was allowed to go in new areas that he normally would have otherwise been off-limits. These 7 tips on teaching your dog to walk on a leash should help you to avoid dislocated shoulders and from having your dog strangle himself as he tries to avoid being cooperative.

1. Give Him Time to Get Used to the Leash

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Some dogs might take to walking with a leash as if they were born with one attached to their collar. There are always the few that freak out and try to lay down when a leash is being used to guide them. I had a puppy that would actually throw herself upside down, forcibly, each time I tried to get her to walk with a leash on. Thankfully we worked through this fiasco! Leave the leash attached to your dog in the house and monitor his behavior. Soon he will learn that if the leash is in your hand, he gets to go for a walk.

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