7 Tips on Taking Care of Hamsters ...

I remember begging my mom for a hamster when I was a kid. My friend had to go out of town for Christmas, so I ended up watching her hamster too. I’m sure you know where this is going. Yep, mine was a girl and her hamster was a boy. Needless to say, shortly after my friend got back from vacation and picked up her hamster, my hamster had 13 babies. If you or family members are thinking about getting one of these fuzzy little critters, then the 7 tips on taking care of hamsters listed below might be useful.

7. Buy the Cage before You Bring the Hamster Home

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Photo Credit: derkruemel

It’s always tempting to do some spontaneous buying, when it comes to animals. Well, at least it is for me. I’ve seen cute little hamsters in the store that I wanted to buy right then. Thankfully I usually talk myself out of it. I remember what it was like taking care of all those hamsters and that I don’t have anything set up at home for the little guy. Getting the cage or aquarium purchased and set up before you bring the hamster home will eliminate the need for something makeshift that the hamster might end up escaping from.

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