1. Ease into Potty Training

Ease into Potty Training

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It can be overwhelming for some children who aren’t quite ready for the whole potty training experience. If you are able to get your child to use the toilet first thing in the morning, right after nap time, and then right before bedtime, this is a good start. Sometimes easing into something new won’t make it seem like a chore and kids will actually want to do it.

I think an important thing to remember is that these 7 tips on potty training your child might work for some children and not for others. Also, boys and girls are very different when it comes to potty training. It takes boys longer to gain the bladder control necessary for keeping their pants dry, whereas girls usually have strong bladder muscles before they are a year and a half. What other potty training tips have you come across over the years? Have you found one to be more successful than all the rest?

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