7 Tips on Making a Menstruation Calendar ...

You’re planning a vacation, or even your honeymoon, so you want to know when you’ll get your period. That’s when a period calendar comes in handy. How do you make one? Here’s how…

1. Get a Special Notebook or Calendar

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You’ll have better success if you find a calendar or notebook that you will use just for your period calendar.

2. Consider the Pill

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One of the best ways to become regular enough in your cycle to make a calendar is to use birth control pills.

3. Know Your Cycle

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Whether you’re on the Pill or not, you ought to still have some idea of how long your cycle is. For most women, a cycle is between 21 and 28 days long.

4. Adjust for Changes

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Do you delay your period when you’re feeling stressed? Look ahead to mid-term and final exams, and count in an extra couple of days for those.

5. Record in Pencil

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Don’t use pen! If you use ink, and your cycle changes a little, you’ll have to start over!

6. Leave Some Room for Error

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No-one’s cycle is completely dead-on perfect, so leave a little wiggle room when planning a big vacation or your honeymoon. Instead of making it the last or first week of your cycle, plan your event in the middle.

7. Don’t Forget That Week!

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When making and projecting your calendar, don’t forget to record the week OFF, your period week! I did that once and it messed up my entire calendar for the year!

A menstruation calendar can be a great tool, but only if you do it right! Do you have any tips or ideas on how to make it accurate and effective? What works best for you?

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