7 Tips on Keeping Chickens Safe from Predators ...

Chickens don’t really have what it takes to defend themselves against wild animals. These little guys depend heavily on the assistance provided by us humans. My chickens and I have a good relationship worked out; they supply me with eggs and I supply them with nourishment and protection. Here are 7 tips on keeping chickens safe from predators on your property. Each of these tips should be useful, no matter what area you live in.

7. Put Chickens in a Coop at Night

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Having a secure place for your chickens to hide at night will prevent them from being preyed upon by larger animals. Most animals that are known to attack chickens prowl around the barn yard when it’s dark outside. If the chickens are inside a small building without any holes to the outside, then they will be protected from any wild animals that might be lurking about in the dark.

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