7 Tips on Going from Skanky to Sexy ...

Often when people try to look a certain way they go completely over the top with outfits and accessories, so that they completely miss the look. Here are 7 tips on going from skanky to sexy.

7. Be Confident with What You Wear

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It is extremely important that you are confident and comfortable with whatever you decide to wear. Confidence and being comfortable can be very sexy traits and often people can tell if you feel uncertain with what you are wearing.

6. Calm down with the Accessories

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Too many accessories can turn an outfit from sexy to skanky immediately, so it is important to find a good balance. What was said about shoes can apply here, if your outfit is quite bold then try to wear minimal and dainty jewellery that compliment what you are wearing. Also if wearing a plain outfit then wear brighter jewellery or handbag to help jazz up your outfit.

5. Select the Right Shoe for the Right Outfit

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High heels look gorgeous and sexy with different outfits, just like flat shoes look the same with others. If you are wearing a very glitzy dress then try to wear a more subtle pair of shoes and vice versa applies too.

4. A Little Bit of Cleavage

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Again you do not want to give everyone one an eyeful; a top that is slightly low cut can be both elegant and sexy at the same time. Those with smaller breasts can often get away with wearing lower cut tops as their chest is not as visible, if you do have a larger chest try to bear this in mind.

3. There is Short and then There is Too Short

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As mentioned in tip number one leave something to the imagination, in my opinion this is sexier than showing your underwear and everything else. Short skirts can be very appealing but they do have to cover everything that should not be on display.

2. Stay Clear of Bright Coloured Bras under White Blouses

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If your blouse is white or a light colour then stay away from black or bright colour bras. In my opinion, it looks far sexier if you either match the bra to the colour of your top or to your skin tone.

1. Tuck That Thong in

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