7 Tips on Ending Clutter ...

This is probably a problem that we all experience: one moment we tidy our rooms or cabinets, and the next it is full of junk that we no longer need. So here are 7 top tips on ending clutter, and they will hopefully help you to prevent it from happening in the beginning.

7. Set up a Filing System

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In my opinion paper clutter is one of the worst kinds because it grows out of control so quickly. One minute you have no paper documents and the next you have loads. So set up a filing system and only keep what is absolutely necessary, and throw out everything else.

6. Weed through the Clothes in Your Wardrobes

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Women are not the only ones that allow their clothes to pile up and then find that they have no room in their wardrobes. Again, make sure that you set aside some time, say once a month, to go through the closets throwing out anything that you have not worn for ages.

5. Make a List of What Needs to Be Done

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By list I mean write down what areas you think are likely to grow out of control, that are inclined to become "clutters." For example, desk drawer, wardrobe, the boot of your car and so on. This way you can see what you need to work on and you can also keep a record of when you cleared each of these areas.

4. Designate a Clutter Buddy

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I know how difficult it can be to remove your own clutter, so why not nominate someone to do this for you, and in return you will do the same for them? This will ensure that if you do not follow the first three tips, then your friend will be ruthless and throw everything out that is piling up.

3. If You Have Not Used the Item for a Couple of Weeks, Throw It Away

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Sometimes when going through items you are unsure whether you need them because you think to yourself, β€œI might need this tomorrow.” I know because I am prone to do this, which is why if you do not use an item for a maximum of two weeks I just throw it away. The chances are that you will not need it.

2. Set a Day Aside to Tidy

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So if Friday afternoon might be a quiet day for you, make sure that if you have any growing piles on that day, you go through them. Otherwise your clutter could end up taking over your home, so set aside the time and you have to be strict about adhering to it.

1. Adopt a Clear Table Policy

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This is very similar to the policy that is adopted by some companies, whereby you have to keep your work desk tidy and clear at all times. If not then everything ends up in the bin...

There you have a list of 7 tips on ending clutter, of course this list is not exclusive but it should help you to remove unwanted items from your home and life. It is worthwhile always staying on top of clutter because it can quickly spiral out of control. Do you have any other tips to share on ending clutter?

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