7 Tips on Being a Hot Woman ...

In this day and age, women come in all different shapes and ages. Just because you are overweight does not mean you cannot be hot and the same goes for underweight women. Just because you are old does not mean you can’t be hot. If you get things right and get everything in order, you can be a hot woman darn it! You just have to know what to do. I am going to give you 7 tips on being a hot woman …

7. The Right Attitude

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If you want to be a hot woman, then you need to have the right attitude. You can’t be grumpy as if you are always on your period and stop using that as an excuse to bite someone’s head off. Hot women have to have nice, gentle attitudes. For example, a really good looking woman with a sour attitude may not be as hot to a guy as the moderate looking woman with a sweet attitude.

6. Have Style

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It is important that you develop a style of your own. Sure, it is okay to learn from idols, models and celebrities, but eventually, you need to come up with a style that is going to work out for you. When you find a style that suits you, apply it to everything – your clothing, your hair, makeup and accessories.

5. Detail

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You should never wear cheap or dirty underwear just because you do not think anyone is going to see it. You should not have a messy purse or skip out on oral hygiene, regular showers and hair care.

4. Posture

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No matter who you are, if you carry yourself around with a good posture, you will look sexy. You can be young or old – having a good posture will look hot.

3. That Voice

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Your voice can make a big different. Sure, nothing can be done about the actual voice you have – that is Nature’s gift. However, you can work on how you talk. Learn to have a seductive ring in your voice. When you do this, you will notice people immediately paying attention to you.

2. Be Confident

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Men really love it when a woman is full of confidence. Just be careful and don’t be overly confident, because this is not as attractive. So, make sure you show a smile here and a smile there. Don’t look too depressing either – depressing certainly is not sexy.

1. The Walk

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If you want to be a hot woman, you can sit there all day and talk that talk (or read a blog), but what it all boils down to is that walk. In order to be a hot woman, you need to learn how to walk that walk!

Those are 7 tips on being a hot woman. Make sure you have a sweet attitude, have good hygiene, have a style of your own, have good posture, talk nicely, have confidence and can walk the walk – those are all my tips. Do you label yourself a hot woman?

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