7 Tips for Editing and Proofreading ...

Whether you are looking over your own work for personal gratification or getting paid to do so, these 7 tips for editing and proofreading might prove useful. There’s a lot more to both of these tasks than simply scanning for misspelled words. Editing and proofreading might seem like a strenuous task the first few times. After a while, you’ll come up with your own unique method for finding and fixing mistakes quickly.

7. Print out a Copy

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If you are able to have a physical copy of the written work you are proofreading and/or editing, then it will be much easier to complete this task. There are many things you miss by reading something off of a computer screen. It’s often more comfortable to read something that is placed at a level where you don’t have to strain neck muscles. You can follow along with your finger to help you really pick out even the most minor mistakes or changes that need to be made.

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