7 Tips for Decorating a Studio ...

My best friend just rented a studio, an airy, bright one-room loft in downtown Detroit, and she loves it, but she was having a hard time figuring out exactly how to make it obvious which living space was where. Without traditional walls, how does one make a partition a living space into useable chunks without defeating the whole purpose of an open floor plan studio? We did some research and lots of experimenting, and Iโ€™m pleased to report that her studio is now beautifully, creatively decorated, with the right amount of privacy, all on a budget. After months of getting it right, Iโ€™m delighted to offer 7 tips for decorating a studio.

1. Use Screens

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IKEA PS Plank Room Divider

Price: $99.90 at ikea.com
Even if you want to preserve the openness of your studio, youโ€™re going to want a little privacy for changing clothes, if not for sleeping, too. One way to get that privacy is using foldable screens. You can use them when you want privacy, then fold them away when you want more of an open feel. This oneโ€™s gorgeous, tooโ€ฆ so unique!

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