7 Tips for a Successful Freelancing Career ...

Being in charge of your own work and getting it done in the comfort of your own home makes freelancing a really convenient, creative and interesting part-time job. However, only a full-time commitment and understanding that everything is up to you could help you develop it into a successful, long-lasting career. So, here are the top 7 tips on how to act and what to do in order to attract more clients, keep the current ones satisfied and present yourself as a responsible, reliable service provider clients will love working with.

1. Update Your Portfolio

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The list and the examples of your work are way more important than your CV. Don’t get me wrong, clients do value formal education but, all your diplomas won’t mean much if you don’t have solid proof that you can do the job. What clients need to see is that you are moving forward, so don’t get too attached to your old examples, no matter how good they are. Do keep the best one but make sure you add fresh, relevant materials so your clients can see you for what you really are – a dynamic, innovative problem solver.

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