7 Things We Forget to Clean ...

I actually kind of like spring cleaning, but really, whose house can wait an entire year before thorough once-overs? With five kids and a boyfriend, plus a cat, our house needs it all the time… but there are a lot of things I tend to overlook until they’re so bad it’s horrifying. So now I keep a list, tacked to the fridge, so I don’t forget. Here’s the list I keep of 7 things I forget to clean…

1. Coffee Maker

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Every morning, my boyfriend makes a small pot of coffee, and nearly every Friday, he forgets to empty the filter when he’s done… so by Monday, it’s a dried-up, nasty mess… and sometimes, if I don’t catch it soon enough, it can even start to sprout mold! Yuck! So now I make it a point to clean the coffee pot myself, taking it apart and scrubbing every piece, every weekend. His quick rinse works for every morning, but once a week, it needs a good going-over.

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