7 Things to Try with Your Friends ...

There are so many different things that you could do with your friends. In fact, I can think of a hundred things, but I’m not allowed to make a big list like that on this blog. Maybe on my own blog, I will do that. Let me give you 7 things to try with friends …

7. Make a Home Movie

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Grab your video camera and make a home video. There are so many out there that make home videos and put them on Youtube. Perhaps you should do the same thing. If you do not want to make it public, then you could always use them for your own personal laughter as the years go by. Together, you could write the plot and act it out – I think this would definitely be a great thing to try with your friends.

6. Go Swimming

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I’m from Florida, so you know that I naturally enjoy swimming. During those hot summer days, you and your friends should find some water to swim in. I believe taking up surfing, if you live near a beach, sounds like a lot of fun.

5. Go Bike Riding down Some Trails

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I enjoy bike riding down nature trails. Therefore, I am going to suggest this one to you and your friends. If you do not have bikes, then there are certain state parks that rent them out. Plus, bikes are fairly cheap, so you might consider investing in some.

4. Rent a Canoe

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Renting a canoe and going canoeing together does sound like a lot of fun. This is definitely something I enjoy doing.

3. Go to the Zoo

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Going to the zoo and admiring all the pretty animals is a great idea. My favourite areas would be the reptiles. However, I enjoy each and every one of the animals. They are fun to look at. Make sure you take your camera!

2. Go Star-Gazing

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During the night, when there doesn’t seem to be much going on, perhaps you could lay a blanket out and have everyone lay down on it. Star-gazing has always been exciting to me. I have witnessed many shooting stars in my life and the one way to see a shooting star would be to lay on your back and stair up at the sky. I believe you all would enjoy this. You may even choose to invest in a telescope and watch the stars up close. Together, you all could start a hobby – star-gazing.

1. Plant a Garden

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I am all for gardening and I believe that you should start one as well with a group of friends. I believe gardening with friends is even more fun. I just planted different things with my daughter, like carnations, eggplant, squash, sunflowers and much more. Each year, she and I enjoy planting things. That is why I suggest you doing it with your friends.

There you have 7 things to try with your friends. Some of this stuff, you have probably done before. However, even if you have done it, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it again – as long as you have fun. What do you enjoy doing?

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