7 Things That Won't Help You Avoid Flu ...

Is it just me or the flu season started early this year? I am the one that usually doesn’t get sick and spends days playing the family nurse… but “usually” didn’t work this year so the stupid flu has ruined my weekend and the first three days of what turned out to be a very sunny week! Now, the point of my story is that this pesky virus can sometimes win the battle even if you’ve done everything in your power to prevent that from happening. So I’ve made a list of things people usually do to prevent coming down with a flu and did my best to try to explain why neither one of them is 100% efficient. So here it is:

1. Vaccine

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Don’t get me wrong, getting your flu shot before each flu season does lower the risk significantly but it doesn’t give you 100% protection against the influenza virus. You see, scientists work very hard all year round to predict the type of flu that is most likely to appear in the next season. However, flu virus can mutate and it does that every few years so nobody can guarantee you a flu-free year even if you’ve taken your vaccine.

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