7 Things That Drain Your Energy ...

Kids can drain the energy right out of you. Just watching them makes me wonder where they get all of that energy from – perhaps they are sucking mine? Just kidding. Right now, I am going to give you 7 things that drain your energy …

7. Stress

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I believe that stress is a big energy drainer. When you feel stressed, you will not have much energy. It is important that you find a way to get rid of that stress you have.

6. Mess and Being Disorganized

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When I am disorganized and have a mess around me, I have a big energy drain. I always say the mess is taking my energy and it is true – many people feel this way. If you are not organized and you have mess around you, I guarantee that once you get everything organized and cleaned up, you will feel much better. Just try it and see how you feel afterwards. It's a bit like having your thoughts organized. Then, it won't be such a headache when you do want to do something.

5. Procrastination

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Leaving everything undone and incomplete in your personal life is a real energy drainer. Believe it or not, procrastination is pretty toxic. If there is something that I know I have not done, it will continue to run through my mind, until it is done – this spends a lot of energy. The solution here would be to stop procrastinating and just do those things.

4. Anger

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Anger is a pretty destructive force. It sucks the energy you have right out of you. Some people have difficulty when it comes to handling their anger. Some express it in aggressive ways, while others express it by nagging or in a silent manner. All of these suck energy. When you find yourself angry, change the focus.

3. Gossiping

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I tell you, people in this world waste a lot of valuable time, not to mention create a negative environment by gossiping. Discussing such negativity is a real energy drain. In fact, the next time you go out and gossip, make sure you notice how your energy is lower than it was before you gossiped. When someone tries to gossip with you, just change the subject when there is a break.

2. Those Energy Vampires

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There are some real energy vampires out there. These people are toxic to that energy. They will suck that positive energy right out of you and leave you feeling emotionally, mentally and physically drained. These energy vampires are those that grumble and complain all the time – they are constantly needing help, sympathy, confidence boosting and advice. These are the type of people that always expect the worse to happen.

1. Over Working

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Of course, over working is a big factor. When you work long hours, you will feel like your energy has been drained. I know, if you're like me, taking off of work and going on a vacation can be hard to do and we all have to work for a living.

There you have 7 things that drain your energy. All 7 of these will drain my energy, if I am not careful, so I make sure to avoid them. However, from time to time, stress does pop up. So, what drains your energy a lot?

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